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  1. Maybe the wilderness isn't something you are supposed to make through- but somewhere you are to return to. - Reflections from reading Women Who Run With Wolves, me. 

  2. Hi- I would like to make more work friends on here- that's why it's called "UConnect." I want to connect with you professionally and offer support. 

  3. That was fun! Should there be another trivia Tuesday next month? 

  4. Take a break and do some trivia today at 12:30pm! 

  5. Don't forget, Tony Correa with B. Riley House on Monday, and LBGTQIA+ Trivia on Tuesday! 

  6. who needs a Youtube video of rain falling when outside your window is soothing enough? 

  7. Missed everyone at LGBTQIA+ Trivia today- don't worry, we're rescheduling! 

  8. Did anyone see the double rainbow yesterday? God celebrates Pride Month too. 

  9. There will be peace in the valley [...] someday.....There will be peace in the valley [....] so I pray. There will be  no sadness, no sorrow, no trouble I seek....

  10. My profile is a brave space, and a safe space. 

  11. The rain feels nice but the fan is still on. 

  12. Tips for conserving A/C while not melting like a snowcone in Phoenix? 

  13. Hi! First time on here- looking forward to connecting with people on here, especially during this time. 

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