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  2. There will be peace in the valley [...] someday.....There will be peace in the valley [....] so I pray. There will be  no sadness, no sorrow, no trouble I seek....

  3. My profile is a brave space, and a safe space. 

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  5. The rain feels nice but the fan is still on. 

  6. Tips for conserving A/C while not melting like a snowcone in Phoenix? 

  7. Hi! First time on here- looking forward to connecting with people on here, especially during this time. 

  8. “We all have two lives, the second one starts when we realize we only have one” -Confucius ...let now be that moment.

  9. I'm a traveler, and I'm only visiting. 👣⌛💖🧠👁️

  10. Who has Girl Scout cookies for sale?????girl click GIF

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    2. Sherri Smith

      Sherri Smith

      @Keri FosterHi Keri,  Please give me the sale dates and amounts for the boxes.  I would like to order some.  Thank you.

    3. Alegra Martin

      Alegra Martin

      @Keri Foster I second that request.  Please and thank you!

    4. Connie Morgan-Johnson

      Connie Morgan-Johnson

      I'd like to order some too Keri...  Please send me a list w/prices....😎


  11. Welcome to the UCC staff. I look forward to connecting in your new role.


    1. Kimberlee Whisler-Vasko

      Kimberlee Whisler-Vasko

      Thanks Karen Georgia - me too, I'm super excited and loving it!  ~ Kim


  12. "Merry Birthday!" --when you're born in January #capricorn


  13. This is Gary Schulte. I've know him for over 30 years. Former Conference Minister in New Hampshire, and a great pastor.
  14. John Dorhauer


    Went to Cardinal game Friday, Sep. 13. They won 10-0!
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