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  2. Thanks UCC for addressing this thoughtful and special gift to my children. Please know my children shared it with my girlfriends children and together they had a good time. Thanks again!
  3. My 12 year Ryan who has a heart of gold. He is kind and funny. He plays piano, hacks video games, uses photoshop and writes basic lines of code. My protege!
  4. Colette Gabriel.. my sweet princess who holds her own as the youngest girl with 2 older brothers. She is very sweet and far from a push over! I tell her every night that she can do and be whatever she wants and I can't wait until she's ready to talk more about it!
  5. Caden Gabriel.. my sweet little man who loves electronic rave music and drums! He is bashful and likes to spend most of his time outside catch sun!
  6. Maybe the wilderness isn't something you are supposed to make through- but somewhere you are to return to. - Reflections from reading Women Who Run With Wolves, me. 

  7. Hi- I would like to make more work friends on here- that's why it's called "UConnect." I want to connect with you professionally and offer support. 

  8. That was fun! Should there be another trivia Tuesday next month? 

  9. Take a break and do some trivia today at 12:30pm! 

  10. Don't forget, Tony Correa with B. Riley House on Monday, and LBGTQIA+ Trivia on Tuesday! 

  11. who needs a Youtube video of rain falling when outside your window is soothing enough? 

  12. Missed everyone at LGBTQIA+ Trivia today- don't worry, we're rescheduling! 

  13. Did anyone see the double rainbow yesterday? God celebrates Pride Month too. 

  14. There will be peace in the valley [...] someday.....There will be peace in the valley [....] so I pray. There will be  no sadness, no sorrow, no trouble I seek....

  15. My profile is a brave space, and a safe space. 

  16. The rain feels nice but the fan is still on. 

  17. Tips for conserving A/C while not melting like a snowcone in Phoenix? 

  18. Hi! First time on here- looking forward to connecting with people on here, especially during this time. 

  19. “We all have two lives, the second one starts when we realize we only have one” -Confucius ...let now be that moment.

  20. I'm a traveler, and I'm only visiting. 👣💖🧠👁️

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